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Your Connection Hug can include: Guided Meditation; Active Listening; RC/Co-Counseling; Authentic Relating; Shared Stories, Music, and/or Games; Platonic Self-touch and/or Shared Touch.


Guided Meditation

I’ll guide you through a short 5-minute meditation - this is very relaxing and can help shift the focus away from the racing, thinking mind, back into the body, heart, and the present moment. (This is a great grounding practice for either the beginning or end of a session.)


Active Listening


Is there a topic you would like to discuss? Or something on your mind and heart that you would like to talk about? Or some area of your life where you could use a little extra support and care right now? If so, I’m here to listen, with a curious mind and open heart.




I believe 99.9% of healing can come simply from the loving presence of an attentive witness. Someone who can see, hear, and reflect the other person’s felt experience. If you are familiar with this model of peer counseling, I would love to witness anything you would like to share.


Authentic Relating


This, in summary, is an approach to cultivating more genuine, fulfilling, and mutually rewarding relationships in any context. A way to more deeply and authentically connect with yourself and others. In the Noticing Game, we practice bringing our awareness to what we notice in the moment - physically, mentally, emotionally - and how the presence of another person impacts our experience.


Sharing Stories, Music, and/or Games


  • Stories

    • Pick a card from multiple decks of conversation starters, containing questions that range from fun & curious to brave & vulnerable. You choose how deep you want to go!

  • Music

    • Do you have a favorite song or two that you would like to sing along with, or share a dance to? If so, I’ll hunt it down, put it on, and crank up the volume!

  • Games

    • Pick from a bunch of connection games - ranging from storytelling to downright silliness!




  • Self-Touch

    • Reacquaint yourself with the healing power of your OWN touch. Learn some Havening Touch, which helps soothe and calm the nervous system, by activating the same beta waves found in deep meditation. So incredibly relaxing and nourishing.

  • Shared Touch

    • Yes, with the help of our formidable imagination, we CAN approximate shared touch on the computer! Do you want to give it a try?

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