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“Cheri created a safe, comfortable space for conscious touch. Cheri is a delight, she is present, knowledgeable, empathetic, and organized. She has made her space a safe place to go to in our ever-changing world. Following her guidelines will allow you to drop down into yourself and breathe a welcome sigh of relief. You are in charge and Cheri is your guide. The world needs more conscious touch outside of primary relationships. These sessions will provide you with the kind of touch you need to center and heal yourself. The session is for you, a gift to yourself.”


"I just had a platonic cuddle session with Cheri and I had a wonderful and very heart-opening time exploring touch in a safe environment. I mean safe in terms of both covid precautions (both of us wore N95 masks, are fully vaccinated and had an air purifier running) and having the feeling that I was safe to experience and express my emotions in a judgment-free space. And emotions WILL come up, and many of my emotions were joyful, were feelings of relief, and rekindlings of feelings I had prevented myself from feeling, such as the yearning for human connection that I think many of us have been numbing during this pandemic in order to carry on. Having not cuddled with anyone for well over a year, it was a profound experience to realize how much I want touch, and also a healing experience to reconnect with that very primal part of my being. We are natural cuddlers, natural huggers, natural hand-holders, and I personally want to continue finding ways to honor my needs that are as safe as possible in our current and probably long-term future reality. So I recommend cuddling with Cheri if you are missing touch in your life!"


“Cheri is wise, patient, supportive, joyful, encouraging, and trauma-informed. She followed my lead during our cuddle session, and I felt very comfortable. I would be happy to see her again.”


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