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The Power of Touch


"I'm a Professional Hugger and This Is What I Have Learned"

  by Alek Korab

Personal touch may get awkward even when you are trying to bear hug your brother in law . . .  — so how do professionals make sure that this is not an issue?  "The most essential ingredient, in a word, is: Boundaries. This is the focus of our training," Madelon Guinazzo, Director of Training for Cuddlist, tells the Remedy. "In addition to the Cuddlist Code of Conduct, at the beginning of each session the practitioner goes over an Opening Agreement which is a commitment of each person to hold their own boundaries during every part of the session and to communicate with them. This is an important part of the empowerment that our practitioners offer their clients and what makes it therapeutic," Guinazzo says. (Read more)

"The pandemic made the world realise the importance of human contact"

   by Daryn Ray

 . . . touch is as necessary to human survival as food and water, says Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute at the Miller School of Medicine, part of the University of Miami. It is the first sense to develop and the only one necessary for survival. We can live with the loss of sight or hearing. But without touch, which enables us to detect such stimuli as pressure, temperature and texture, we would be unable to walk or feel pain. Our skin is the vehicle through which we navigate the world. (Read more - free subscription required.)

"Cuddlist Allows Singles to Enjoy The Benefits of Platonic Healing Touch 

  Through Professional Cuddle Sessions"

  by Hayley Matthews

If you are touch deprived and feeling starved for affection, you may not make the best choices as far as where you’re going to take a relationship,” she (Cuddlist Co-Founder, Madelon Guinazzo) said. “You might jump into something more sexual or physical before you take the time to develop trust and healthy connection. (Read more)


Cuddlist Co-Founders Madelon Guinazzo and Adam Lippin talk about the business of cuddling and why people are gravitating to this new form of healing modality! (2:32 mins)

60 Second Documentary with Fei Wyatt from Cuddle Sanctuary. (1:08 mins)

CBS Sunday Morning: The fine art of cuddling, with Samantha Hess from Cuddle Up To Me. (6:24 mins)

BuzzFeed Presents: People Spoon With Professional Cuddlers, with Jean Franzblau and Fei Wyatt from Cuddle Sanctuary. (4:06 mins)

For additional articles and videos, check out CuddlistCuddle Sanctuary, and Chicago Cuddle Therapy.

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