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An excerpt from "Cuddle Me, Please!" an article written by Will Gardner for the Portland Mercury in 2006.


An organization in New York originally got all the press for starting cuddle parties ( as a commercial venture in 2004—but in actuality, Portland is home to the cuddle party concept. In late 2002, the Portland-bred LoveTribe began hosting snuggle events "as a way to bring about personal healing, well-being, and cultural transformation." Jas (Davis) explains the bigger, global picture they keep in mind, "By learning to share touch, we learn to share our toys and tools. And with the sharing of our resources comes the sharing of our earth."

The group aims to provide a space where participants can have their "nurturing touch and sensual play needs met in healthy ways." Both organizations concur that today's society is overwhelmingly touch-phobic and we seek our contact fix via drunken hookups or Lambada classes. Cuddle parties, they maintain, are a much safer, more comfortable environment—one where you evidently have to keep on your pajamas.


(Editor's note: YES, you most certainly DO need to keep your pajamas - or whatever you're wearing - ON!)

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