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How did I get into professional cuddling?

Two of my primary passions in life: dance and touch. 


I started dance at 7 years old with ballet. Over the course of my life, I have explored probably every kind of dance invented - most recently landing on authentic movement and ecstatic dance. 


And I LOVE hugging and touch.


These two passions intersected when I was leading dances for my beloved Phoenix Ecstatic Dance community while living temporarily in Phoenix, Arizona. People commented that they came as much for my hugs, as they did for the dance!


So, when I could no longer dance, due to an injury, I thought “Hey, I can still hug!” Thus, the Touch Tonic was born!

Cuddle Therapy Certifications:

I hold certifications from both Cuddlist and Cuddle Sanctuary as well as a certification in Mental Health First Aid.


Background Info: 

I also hold certifications in Nia and Zumba, as well as Psych-K. I've taught dance, meditation, qigong, and peer counseling. I have a BS in Social Science and lifetimes ago I enjoyed a 20-year career in healthcare research and grants management, which I left for work with seniors and adults with developmental disabilities. In my spare time, I like to commune with Ma Nature, watch quirky movies, and travel to faraway lands.

My Mission:


I want EVERYONE to know:


  • YOU are inherently LOVABLE, just the way you are.

  • YOUR unique presence absolutely MATTERS. YOU matter.

It would be my great honor and privilege to remind you of these two truths and accompany you back home to the fullest, most joyful YOU.

Cheri Anderson

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